Hiker Rescued Off Palomar Mountain

Man was located after hiking trail at Palomar Divide and Crosley Truck trail

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Bill Paulson

A 44-year-old man was rescued after becoming lost while hiking near Palomar Mountain Friday afternoon, said San Diego County Sheriff’s officials.

David Kang called the the U.S. Forrest Service for help at about 3 p.m. once he realized he was lost while on a 16-mile hike near the Palomar Divide at Crosley Truck Trail, according to deputies.

Kang’s situation became worse as he began feeling the effects of dehydration after running out of water earlier in the day.

The area where Kang had ended up was only accessible by helicopter and so sheriff officials used "Copter 10", along with the help of ASTREA base, to locate him in a steep ravine.

Copter 10 landed on a ridge above Kang, at which point the crew hiked down to escorted him back up to the helicopter, officials said.

Kang was subsequently flown to Vail Lake to meet with USFS, according to a media release.

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