High Winds Whip Through County, Snow Dusts Mountains

 Spring showers brought high winds and a touch of snow to San Diego County Saturday, causing a mess at outdoor events.

A high wind warning has been issued across the county’s mountains and deserts, set to expire at 9 p.m. But that doesn’t mean things were calm closer the ocean.

The blustery weather sent organizers scrambling at the Walk MS San Diego event in Liberty Station Saturday morning.

“We lost our check-in tent. It flew 100 feet away,” said Jessica Ishikawa with the National MS Society. “We lost a couple other tents.”

Just hours before the start time, the wind knocked over scaffolding and broke lights.

The NBC 7-sponsored fundraiser was postponed half an hour while workers rushed to get things in order.

“We had a moment of shock, and then we’re like, ‘Let’s do this.’ We called in people to get here now and we really rallied together,” said Ishikawa.

In Chula Vista, the wind uprooted two 70-foot trees in Rohr Park, one of which fell on a water valve.

“So we had to come in and do their work so we can restore the water,” said Chula Vista Public Works Supervisor David Savage.

Around the same time, five other downed trees were reported to the public works department.

According to Savage, a previous storm likely softened the ground, and this wind was just strong enough to blow over the trees.

To the east, Mount Laguna received a late-season dusting of snow overnight as the storm passed over. There is a 30 percent chance of more snow showers through Saturday afternoon, the National Weather Service reports.

People driving high profile vehicles, especially in the mountain and desert areas, are advised to drive carefully throughout the weekend.

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