High Tech Trash Getting Recycled

Keeping old TV's and computers out of the landfill

High tech trash is a major problem for our landfills.  The biggest concern is the lead in old TV's and computers.

"The old picture tubes, the monitors, the television sets, any old products with circuit boards most likely have some lead in there," said Sony Electronic's Mark Small. That's why Sony and other electronics manufacturers are working to recycle old products.

In fact many of the old electronics products are now ending up in new electronics from cameras to DVD players. "Basically we will convert those into new glass, new plastic and metal and they'll be used in a range of new products," said Small.

Sony is joining forces with Wast Management to hold recycling events throughout the country.

Goodwill is also getting involved in the recycling effort.  Many Goodwill Industries locations across the country are taking old electronic items.

Visit Sonystyle for listings of the events.

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