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High School Student Who Walked 6 Miles to School Now Doesn't Have Internet Access for School

José Luis Pérez walked six miles to San Ysidro High School after the Sweetwater Union High School District cut bus routes, however, due to the pandemic he now faces new obstacles.

"I get up at 7 a.m. to take out my computer, my charger, connect it and press my hotspot," said Pérez, who now faces internet challenges with distance learning.

His front yard has now been transformed into his new classroom during the pandemic.

"I miss my friends, I miss everything," Perez said.

It's been four weeks since he started 11th grade.

"Teachers are stressed and so are students, and we can't do anything. They take a long time making meetings with us," Perez added.

Previously, to attend school he depended on school transportation but the cancellation of 20 bus routes forced him to get up at five in the morning to arrive on time.

Later, SUHSD added two bus stops for the San Ysidro High School students after outrage from the public.

“The hotspot turns off and on. In the middle of classes, it disconnects all of a sudden,” Perez said.

His family does not have enough money to pay for the internet and solely relies on his hot spot to connect.

“In my opinion, I would prefer walking six miles than having online learning,” Perez said.

SUHSD students who are in need of internet access can apply at this link here..

In addition, the Internet provider in Cox Communication is providing two months of free Internet to low-income families and offering a low-cost service of $9.95 per month. 

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