San Diego

High Gas Prices Hurting San Diego Drivers

Prices up over $4 a gallon for local drivers

Gas prices went up all over San Diego today. And drivers like Rick Roberts was feeling the pinch.

"It affects the monthly budget, the weekly budget, I mean it hits you everywhere," said Roberts.

In one week, the average price for regular fuel in San Diego went from $3.75 a gallon to $4.07. That means a driver could pay between $3 and $5 more for a fill-up.

For people like Eric Baza, who fills up his work car two to three times a week, the difference hurts his bottom line.

"That's $10 a week," said Baza. "You go times four, $40 a month, I guess it does add up at the end."

Steve Schroeder pulled up at the US Gas station in Escondido where prices were $3.85 for regular. Steve says he likes to drive his pickup truck but said with higher prices he's been getting behind the wheel of his Toyota Corolla.

Industry experts say the fast rise in gas prices can be blamed on two refinery slowdowns in the state. While world oil prices are down, California spot prices paid by independent stations went up 20¢ a gallon over the weekend.

A year ago, gas stations were charging $3.75 a gallon for regular. In October of 2012, San Diego saw it's the highest average price for regular at $4.72 a gallon. Those high prices took place after a refinery fire at the Richmond plant in the Bay Area.

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