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High-End Sunglasses Stolen From Coronado Store

Workers told NBC 7 the thief got away with $4,000 in merchandise

Police are investigating after a suspect stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise at a sunglasses store in Coronado.

A suspect stole five high-end sunglasses from Sunglass Hut Thursday.

When Coronado Police Department got a report of the robbery at 3:06 p.m., officers searched on foot but did not find the suspect, police said.

Workers told NBC 7 the thief got away with $4,000 in merchandise and had a car waiting for him when he got outside.

Nearby stores are now taking precautions heading into a busy holiday weekend.

"I'm kind of nervous it's going to be pretty busy. It gets hard to watch everything and watch everyone. It’s easy for people to walk out with things," said Elyse Rugee, an employee at Studio 1220.

Studio 1220 is putting sensors on all merchandise and will have extra workers for the holiday weekend. Employees have also been trained on how to curb shoplifting.

"We try to be out on the floor and helpful, and making sure they know that we're there," Rugee said.

Anyone with information about the robbery at Sunglass Hut is asked to call Coronado Police at (619) 522-7350.

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