‘He's With Us in Spirit': Community Gathers to Celebrate Birthday of Boy Shot, Killed by Stray Bullet on Thanksgiving

Instead of focusing on the tragedy, family and friends celebrated Angel’s life Saturday

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A community gathered Saturday to celebrate the 13th birthday of Angel Gallegos, who was shot and killed on Thanksgiving night by a stray bullet.

Gallegos was sitting in the backyard of his aunt’s home with his relatives when it happened.

Detectives are still looking for whoever is responsible. But Saturday, instead of focusing on the tragedy, family and friends celebrated Angel’s life at an event planned by his aunt Maria Gaspar Casillas.

“I mean he may not physically be here with us but he’s with us in spirit and his sister wanted to celebrate his birthday,” said Casillas.

And the group sang both in English and Spanish.

They also had a peace walk and prayer, followed by pizza and cupcakes.

But not far from everyone’s minds, the unsolved crime.

It wasn’t a drive-by or a fight, but a stray bullet the family believes came from a canyon, according to Casillas.

“Sometimes the violence in the community, people can get used to it and it becomes common and we’re trying to bring awareness to that,” said Pastor Jesus Sandoval.

Angel’s family recently moved into a new home.

“It’s difficult for them to unpack all his belongings knowing that he’s not there to play with his things,” said Casillas.

The tragedy has law enforcement and the Skyline community together in the hopes  that Angel’s family finds justice.

“He was an angel that was with us for 12 years and now we can continue living through him and living for him,” said Casillas.

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