Hermes Heist: New Photos of Suspects in $500K Fashion Valley Mall Theft

According to San Diego police, a group of 10 suspects pulled off the heist at the high-end Hermes de Paris store at Fashion Valley Mall on Jan. 21

San Diego police released new surveillance photos Wednesday of a few of the suspects allegedly linked to a heist at a high-end store involving $500,000 worth of stolen luxury items.

The photos show three men, with the focus on one suspect who appears to have short, black hair and a mustache. In the pictures, he is wearing a black shirt and gray hooded sweatshirt. The two other men also have black or brown hair and are wearing sweatshirts.

San Diego police released this photo of a few of the men suspected in the Jan. 21 burglary at the Hermes de Paris store in Fashion Valley Mall.

The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) said the men are suspected in the Jan. 21 heist at the Hermes De Paris store at Fashion Valley Mall on Friars Road.

That day, just before 4:20 a.m., three vehicles pulled up to the north entrance of the mall. According to investigators, 10 suspects – all wearing hooded sweatshirts and gloves – got out of the cars and quickly made their way to the luxury store.

Using a pry bar, the group forced their way into the high-end retailer. Within two minutes, SDPD investigators said the group stole many items including pricey purses, jewelry and clothing. The store lost more than a half-million dollars in the burglary.

San Diego Police Department
The suspects may be part of a series of burglaries at high-end retailers across California.

Five weeks later, the suspects remain at large. Police said the investigation remains active; the photos released this week were recently recovered. No further details were released about the men in the two photographs.

Police said the suspects might be connected to a series of burglaries at high-end stores in California.

Earlier in the investigation, the SDPD released three surveillance photos of the suspects’ vehicles. Police said the three vehicles each had paper license plates and are described as a Chevy Suburban and two blue sedans, possibly import brands.

The suspects each wore hooded sweatshirts and gloves during the 2-minute-long heist.

Anyone with information on this case can call the SDPD’s Western Division at (619) 692-4800 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

The Hermes San Diego store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, selling luxury goods from the famed French brand, Hermes. The brand is worn by many Hollywood celebrities. On Saturday mornings, customers can reserve a spot at this store for a "personalized shopping experience" that includes complimentary champagne, per the Hermes website.

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