Helping People Win at Work

In this tough economy, companies need to do whatever they can to succeed and that means helping employees to be their best by doing their best. Local author Ken Blanchard's new book, "Helping People Win At Work", reveals how the San Diego-based company WD-40 put Blanchard's "Partnering for Performance" principles to work and came out with extraordinary results.

Since implementing Blanchard's approach to performance management, WD-40 Company's capital value has nearly doubled Also, the company's 2008 surveys found that 94% of its people say they are "fully engaged" in their work. This statistic is even more striking in context: Gallup's recent research finds that only 29% of employees elsewhere say they're actively engaged at work.

"These remarkable engagement figures are a direct outgrowth of WD-40's radically different approach," says Blanchard. "In many companies, people are forced into a normal distribution curve, or even worse, rank ordered. Not only does this not build trust, it also does not hold managers responsible for coaching people and helping them win. Life is all about getting 'A's, not some stupid distribution curve. Garry Ridge got this. And, wow, what a difference it has made in WD-40 Company's performance."

"Helping People Win at Work" Enables Managers and the Companies They Work for to:

  • Transform performance review into a powerful competitive advantage
  • Help people reach their full potential, and build a truly great place to work - even in tough times
  • Build a tribe and culture that shares knowledge and encourages non-stop learning
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