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Helpful Tips for Parents Ahead of Online Learning in the Fall

One tutor shares tips that will help your child get the most out of online learning

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San Diego Unified School District announced that the Fall semester will start with distance learning, leaving some students and many parents disappointed that their kids will once again be learning online from home.

For some parents, the move has left them wondering how they can juggle work and devote time to their children's studies. Some experts in online learning wanted to share advice to hopefully help parents and students start the semester on the right foot.

The biggest complaints they hear over and over are that students aren’t motivated or get lost in the mix.

Parents and students are both advised to take the time to familiarize themselves with the online platforms they'll be using.

It's also important to remember kids will probably need a little extra help with some subjects. This can be remedied with parental help, getting a group together virtually, or hiring a tutor.

Also, structure is very important and instructors can help with that. Parents are urged to make sure their children’s teachers have goals laid out and should create a game plan while keeping kids engaged with fun lesson plans.

Parents may also want to make sure kids are getting a lot of feedback from their teacher to ensure they’re on the right path.

“Schools weren’t prepared for the drastic transition to virtual instruction," said Daniel Makabeh, CEO & Founder of Tutor Me Education. "Most parents are under the impression that online learning is comprised of self-guided study which includes students completing assignments on their own, but that simply isn’t true. Online instruction can and should be face to face with an instructor, and that includes guiding them and teaching them the whole time."

There are some benefits to online learning. For example, kids can ask questions to their teacher in private and with some lesson plans, students may be able to record to reference later, and that may come in really handy for subjects they may find difficult.

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