Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Member Sentenced for Attempted Murder

A documented Hells Angels Motorcycle Club member was sentenced for attempted murder for the hit-and-run of a 60-year-old man in Oceanside

A documented member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has been sentenced to five years behind bars for hitting a 60-year-old man during a hit-and-run accident in Oceanside, Calif. 

The accident happened after a male patron was harassing a family of three while they walked past the PCH Sports Bar and Grill at 1835 S. Coast Highway, according to Oceanside Police.

A husband, wife and her father, Michael Dean, 60, walked on as the male patron and two others began saying inappropriate things to the woman and threatening to hit the men.

Police said the family was crossing in the intersection of Cassidy and Coast Highway, when Dean, who was within the crosswalk and using a cane, was hit by a white Lexus traveling at a high rate of speed. The driver fled the scene, but witnesses followed.

The driver was identified by police as Anthony Medvec, a documented member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Gang who is on federal probation and required to wear a GPS tracking device.

The tracking device was used to locate Medvec at his home on the 4900 block of Yuma. After a phone call from officers, Medvec came out of his home and was taken into custody without incident on charges of attempted murder.

Medvec was indicted in 2012 for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in a meth trafficking ring busted by FBI. More than 20 other people were sentenced to time in the bust. Medvec was sentenced to 30 months, the shortest sentence of the 20 co-defendants with the same charges.

On Thursday, he appeared in court after pleading guilty to hitting the man with his car and was sentenced to five years. He faced a possible 19 years in prison. 

The victim was transported to Palomar Hospital with several broken bones and a collapsed lung. Officials have not released his condition.

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