Helicopter Lands In National City

A San Diego Fire Department helicopter takes a trip to a local high school.

The low-flying object in the skies above National City was not a bird or even a plane, it was a helicopter preparing to land.

Residents of National City were able to witness San Diego Fire Department’s (SDFD) Copter 1 land at Sweetwater High School on Highland Avenue Monday morning.

The copter’s visit was not a result of an emergency but rather an educational visit for students in the school’s Health and Fire Science Academy.

“The helicopter visit helps students realize dreams,” explained Mike Diaz, a Career Technical Education Fire Technology teacher at Sweetwater High School.

Students were able to learn about the fire helicopters first hand. This is part of a nearly three-year fire education program used to prepare students for careers in fire services.

“We create students that are able to be more competitive when applying for fire service jobs and academies,” said Diaz.

Fire academies can be very difficult to get into. Diaz explained how Sweetwater’s program prepares students by exposing and training them in fire service essentials such as basic medical care and search and rescue.

At the end of the program, students take a capstone class to wrap up their fire service education before potentially moving onto a career.

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