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Persistent Heat Wave Ushers in Summer Season in San Diego

A heat advisory is in effect for San Diego's inland valleys and foothills, including Santee, El Cajon and Escondido, through 9 p.m. Wednesday

The persistent heat wave – rising temperatures, advisories and all – will usher in the summer season in San Diego.

The National Weather Service (NWS) San Diego said a heat advisory remains in effect for San Diego’s inland valleys and foothills – including Santee, El Cajon, and Escondido – through 9 p.m. Wednesday. In those areas, temperatures are expected to hit between 95 and 103 degrees.

“You have to take extra precaution to stay cool and really evaluate, throughout the day that you are taking care of yourself – drinking lots of water; frequent breaks in the shade if you have to be outside,” said NBC 7 meteorologist Jodi Kodesh.

Though the first full day of summer is on Wednesday, Kodesh noted the higher-than-average temperatures are making it feel as if the season is already here. She said the hottest day in the inland valleys would be Wednesday, at around 95 degrees.

By Thursday, inland temperatures will decrease a bit – to around 87 degrees. Same goes for Friday before a slight increase in temperatures for the weekend.

The NWS said an excessive heat warning is also in effect in San Diego’s deserts, including Borrego Springs and Banning, through 9 p.m. Thursday. Temperatures are forecasted to hit 116 to 122 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday, and 112 to 119 on Thursday.

NBC 7's Dagmar Midcap confirmed temperatures rose to 124 degrees in Ocotillo Wells, breaking the old 122 degrees for Borrego Springs--the hottest temperature ever recorded in the desert for San Diego County.

Along the coast, however, temperatures will be significantly cooler, offering some respite from the heat wave.

As a heat wave continues to sweep through San Diego County, residents along the coast may find some relief from the heat.

Heat-related illness is common under these conditions. Strenuous outdoor activities should be avoided or rescheduled to early morning or evening hours. People should drink plenty of water and wear light and loose-fitting clothing. Kids and pets should never be left unattended in hot cars, as car interiors can reach lethal temperatures within minutes amid heat waves like this.

With more residents expected to use their air conditioning systems at home to beat the heat, the California Independent System Operation Corporation (ISO), the state's power grid operator, has issued a statewide Flex Alert asking residents to voluntarily conserve electricity amid the heat wave. The Flex Alert is in effect between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday.

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