Heard of Camels?

Of course you've "heard" of camels but have you seen the "herd" of camels near Ramona?  They're on a ranch almost exactly 8 miles the other side of Ramona as you leave the city limits.

Now don't drive off the road looking for them, let your passenger do that.  Highway 78 is narrow and windy at this stretch so be careful.  You'll find the camel herd on the south side of the road, right around a bend to the right and headed down a hill not too far before you reach the egg ranch. 

The camels are another excuse to get out of town and head for the hills when you get the chance.  Dudley's is just down the road from the camels.  The famous bakery, known for its many varieties of fresh baked bread, is located right in the heart of Santa Ysabel, just before you head up into the mountains bound for Julian.

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