Healthy and Treatable Animals Entering Local Shelters Can No Longer Be Euthanized

San Diego animal shelters will no longer be allowed to euthanize any healthy or treatable animal that enters their shelter.

The move is a part of "Getting to Zero," the San Diego Animal Welfare Coalition (SDAWC)'s movement to eliminate unncessary euthanasia of animals in shelters. 

Any animal that is healthy or can be treated cannot be put down as of July 1, the SDAWC announced today in a press conference. SDAWC is comprised of seven local animal sheltering organizations and 11 shelters.

"We pledge that we are going to stay at zero euthanasia for this county, forever," said County Department of Animal Services 

The SDAWC had pledged to achieve “Getting to Zero,” a movement to eliminate unnecessary euthanasia of animals in shelters.

About 45,000 animals enter shelters every year and 13 percent with treatable medical conditions have been euthanized.

Animals suffering from terminal illness will still be euthanized if not adopted, but those that are healthy are no longer in danger.

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