Marijuana Dispensary Guard Shoots at Break-In Suspects

The break-in happened at The Healing Center on Camino Del Rio South

A security guard at a medical marijuana dispensary in Mission Valley shot at several suspects attempting to break into the business early Wednesday, officials confirmed.

Investigators with the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) said four men broke down a door of The Healing Center on Camino Del Rio South. 

Using a crow bar and bat, the group tried to knock down a second door inside the dispensary when a security guard announced himself to the suspects, police said, and told them he was armed.

Investigators said the suspects continued to try to break down the door. The security guard then fired one shot through the door.

The suspects ran off, hopping into a getaway car. Officers followed the vehicle to the 5800 block of Lindo Paseo, where two of the break-in suspects were arrested.

Police said the other two suspects got away. They were described as college-age men wearing gray hoodies. It is unknown if the suspects were armed.

No one was injured in the shooting at the dispensary. The suspects were not able to steal anything.

The security guard who opened fire was interviewed by police and told officers he was frazzled by the incident. He said he felt his life was in danger before he pulled that trigger.

Investigators remained at the business for several hours dusting for fingerprints and collecting evidence.

NBC 7 spoke with the co-owner of The Healing Center, Jim Dickinson, who said the shop is more secure than a bank, and is outfitted with surveillance cameras and staffed with armed security guards.

"This would be one of the craziest places to try to break into," said Dickinson. "We have 24-hour armed security guards, we have security systems, we have cameras. Certainly the building is very secure."

Dickinson said the guard did the right thing in the way he handled the break-in.

"This is not the place to try and rob. It's just not," he added.

Dickinson said he planned to have The Healing Center open for customers by midday Wednesday.

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