‘He Had 5 Children'

The wheels of justice have finally begun turning for one South Bay family.

David Sanders was shot and killed nearly two and a half years ago, but his family sat in court on Monday, the pain and sadness returning as if it happened yesterday. They showed up to watch the first day of trial in a high profile murder case.
Edward Snow is accused of killing his former co-worker during a robbery.

"He was a very selfless man, he had five children that he raised and went to work every single day," Isabella Moorey, Sanders' sister-in-law, said.

On Sept. 20, 2006, though, Sanders didn't come home. He was shot twice in the head and neck while working the graveyard shift at Paxton Towing in Chula Vista.

"None of us have ever seen him in our entire relationship with him ever get upset at anybody," Moorey said.

Sanders family is still shocked that a former co-worker is on trial for his murder. Deputy District Attorney Carlos Varela told the court.said that Snow was the mastermind of a plot involving two other current employees to steal more than $80,000 in cash from Paxton's owner. The other men have pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and are expected to take the stand against Snow

But the defense team argues the prosecution's two star witnesses are unreliable and could be trying to save themselves.

Snow was arrested in Kansas more than a month after the shooting with tens of thousands of dollars in cash that prosecutors allege had the same markings and labels as the stolen cash.

The trial is expected to last several weeks. Sanders' family said that they, too, will be there every day.

Prosecutors allege that Snow offered to pay a percentage of the money he is accused of stealing to the other two employees if they stayed away during the robbery.
Police said that the other two employees called 911 to report the shooting.

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