Hazy, Hot and Humid


Glad to see our weather computers overstepped the chance of rain for your 4th of July – sure, it was muggy, but it turned out to be a lot sunnier than anyone figured. 

On Tuesday, San Diego residents can expect more of the same.
Clouds and fog in the morning will give way to partly cloudy conditions with intermittent sun the rest of the day, at least on the western side of the mountains. Thunderheads will build up over the mountains and deserts during the afternoon, bringing a chance of showers and thunderstorms to those areas into the evening.
Temperatures are looking to move up the scale a degree or two on Tuesday, with a high of 74 at the beaches, 76 downtown, 86-90 in the valleys, mid-80s in the mountains and 105-110 in the deserts.
The weather story will be pretty much same through Thursday, with more sunshine but cooler, drier air forecast for the weekend.
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