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Has Your Water Meter Been Repaired or Replaced in the City of San Diego?

NBC 7 Responds has developed a tool for water customers in the city of San Diego to figure out if their water meter has been repaired or replaced in the last five years.

Through the California Public Records Act, NBC 7 Responds requested data from the city of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department on all residential water meter repairs and replacements from 2012 through August 2017.

NBC 7 Responds requested the data after receiving complaints from city water customers who said they were being charged for water they said they didn't use. To read their full story, click here.

The repair and replacement information below includes whether your meter was replaced with a new AMI-ready or smart water meter. For an explanation of the Action Code your meter's information shows, scroll down past the search results.

Residents with questions about their meter’s repair or replacement notes should contact the city of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department Customer Care line at 619-515-3500.

NOTE: The tool often works faster on a desktop computer compared to a mobile phone, due to the number of records available to search.

UPDATE: These records reflect your water meter's history of repairs and replacements. Codes indicating past problems with your meter do not necessarily mean your meter is broken. The problems indicated by the codes may have been resolved already. Check with the Public Utilities Department for more information if you find a problem code and you’ve experienced irregular water billing since the date of the past problem.

According to the Public Utilities Department, homes with the new AMI-ready meters will have “AMI Roll Out”, "AMIRP", "AMIPT" or "AMI Replace" listed as the action code for the address’ entry. 

Action codes saying "ITRON" represent a service request generated by handheld-Itron meter readers when recording meter reads in-person. Public Utilities Department staff said this code is generally related to a meter problem observed by a city meter reader.

Action code "CISR" means "Customer Information Service Request." This code represents inquiries by the customer calling into city offices, city office staff reviewing water usage or by staff reading water meters out in the field.

Action code "PM" or "Preventative Maintenance" are generated annually for meters 3" and larger for inspection, testing and if necessary, repair. For meters that are less than 3", "Preventative Maintenance" codes are generated when the meter reaches the pre-determined age for replacement, according to the Public Utilities Department. 

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