Check Out the First-Ever Hard Kombucha Bar, Set to Open in San Diego’s North Park

The latest trend in craft adult beverages has arrived. San Diego, meet hard kombucha. It's like your favorite health drink, mixed with alcohol. JuneShine, San Diego's first hard kombucha bar, is opening Saturday in North Park. Take a look around the space and learn about the new bar.

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Courtesy of JuneShine
The interior of JuneShine, a hard kombucha bar opening up in San Diego's North Park neighborhood.
Courtesy of JuneShine
JuneShine was created by four friends looking to "quench the thirst of the active, healthy, and adventurous spirit." Each flavor of kombucha is brewed to include probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants, the company says.
Courtesy of JuneShine
Here's a look at the interior of JuneShine, San Diego's first hard kombucha bar.
Courtesy of JuneShine
Here are JuneShine's two bottled hard kombucha drinks: Honey Ginger Lemon and Blood Orange Mint. However, the bar has several other flavors on tap, including chili mango, midnight painkiller, carrot orange and beet berry.
The canned drinks are 6 percent alcohol by volume in a 16-ounce can. Here, you can see exactly what is in each drink. plus a little more about the company.
Courtesy of JuneShine
JuneShine is opening up their North Park space through Brewery Igniter, a concept unique to San Diego. An entrepreneur can lease commercial space that already has a full brewing system inside. The interior is customizable and helps business owners reduce upfront costs.
Courtesy of JuneShine
JuneShine's grand opening is on Saturday, June 9. The bar, located at 3052 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104, opens on June 1, but the grand opening is on June 9.
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