Hanging Up on Robocalls

Telemarketers under attack blocking services

Carol Hill quit answering her home phone because the calls are rarely from anyone she knows.

"I would say 90 percent of them are those," said Hill.

"Those" are telemarketing calls, robocalls ranging from carpet cleaners to solar energy. Even with the Do Not Call list, the Federal Trade Commission gets millions of robocall-related complaints.

Chris Sharp says he gets two to three telemarketing calls every day.

He doesn't screen his calls instead, "as soon as there is a little delay and you know it's not a person on the other end right away, I just hang up."

But there are services that help. PrivacyStar and Truecaller help screen calls. Time Warner Cable is now offering to block customer calls by using Nomorobo.

"If the number is on the block list," said Bret Picciolo with Time Warner. "It will ring once and then the call is dropped."

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif) wants the Federal Trade Commission to require all telecom customers to have access to call blocking services.

Bret Picciolo with Time Warner says if Nomorobo works with his customers, he won't hear much about it.

"If all is quiet on the front, then that means it's working," he said. 

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