Hammered Dog Case Goes to DA

The county district attorney's office is reviewing the case of a man who bludgeoned an injured dog with a hammer-like item in an attempt to euthanize it after it was hit by cars, officials said in a published report.

Dan DeSousa, a spokesman for the San Diego County Animal Services Department, told the North County Times that agency investigators have turned over their findings to county prosecutors.

Lucy, a 2-year-old Weimaraner, had gotten out after Lisa Francis' twins accidentally left open a door.  A short time later, the dog was hit by a car on Valley Center Road. Several motorists stopped, including a large man and woman who were traveling together.

Several witnesses said the man struck the dog with the hammer but failed to kill it. He left the scene prior to the arrival of a sheriff's deputy, who put down the dog shortly after he arrived.

The man with the hammer has not been identified.

DeSousa told the paper that his agency did not make any recommendation as to whether charges should be filed.

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