Hundreds of Haitian Refugees Celebrate Thanksgiving in San Diego

Hundreds of Haitian refugees got to experience an American Thanksgiving dinner in San Diego Saturday.

“What a better way to say thank you to God, to the community, to America for allowing these people to come and just be?”, Guerline Jozef of the Haitian Bridge Alliance (HBA), says.

The Alliance hosted hundreds of refugees Saturday at the City Heights Library for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

The organization helps Haitian refugees transition to life in the United States with social services, some including translation and resume writing workshops.

"Specifically San Diego, unlike the east coast, New Jersey, Miami, etc; we don't have a strong Haitian community,” Jayla Mothe, of HBA, adds. “So when these folks get here, they tend to get lost. It's our job as HBA … to come in and provide at least some guidance."

San Diego is seeing an influx of Haitian refugees crossing the border on a humanitarian permit.

Many are traveling by foot from Brazil, hoping to find work after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti left millions homeless. 

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