San Diego police

Gunshots Fired During Rowdy House Party in University City

San Diego Police were called to Tony Drive near Condon Drive late Saturday night after a fight at a house party spilled into the streets. Neighbors say dozens of people were fighting. Then someone fired off a gun. Luckily, no one was wounded.

“You hear a little bit of fighting, a little bit of screaming, the street kinda filled with people. After that, you hear more screaming and punching of a car window, and then gunshots,” said Jared Gunn, a neighbor who witnessed the commotion.

The morning after, the normally quiet street was littered with broken glass and drug paraphernalia.

Worried neighbors say they called police repeatedly about the loud party, but some said that officers did not show up until the report of gunfire.

A college student who lives in the house where the fight started, said that the intention was to have a small party. Instead, several uninvited guests showed up, starting fights and stealing electronics from the home.

No arrests have been made in connection to the shooting.

One person was hurt after he fell while running away from the gunfire.

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