Kids Saw Man Point Gun at Playground: PD

A man who appeared to be pointing a rifle at a playground prompted a school lockdown in Clairemont Thursday, according to San Diego police.

Police took Ryan Hammond, 29, into custody after the incident.

Hammond was handcuffed just before 4 p.m. at a home in the 4600 block of Mt. Laudo Drive. Earlier, officers surrounded the house with their weapons drawn and were preparing to send a K-9 unit inside. Hammond eventually surrendered.

John Muir School went on lockdown around 3 p.m. Thursday, about 45 minutes before the end of the school day. San Diego police said 335 students were inside the building.

Parents were unable to pick up their children.

“I wish I could be inside with him (my son) and his friends. They’re probably scared,” parent Alejandra Castaneda said as she waited for the lockdown to be lifted.

According to SDPD Lt. Michael Marquez, three third graders were playing outside when they noticed the suspect. The students told teachers that the man was standing in a neighboring backyard and pointing a gun toward the playground.

No one was injured.

Hammond is expected to face charges of exhibiting a firearm in a deadly manner, according to police.

The suspect’s roommate told NBC 7 that he was going to move out next week and that she didn’t know if he had a gun.

Lt. Marquez said he had not been told if a gun was found in the house.

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