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Loaded Gun Brought to San Diego School: District Officials

A San Diego school student brought a loaded gun to campus Monday, San Diego Unified School District officials confirmed to NBC 7. 

The incident took place at the Alternative Learning for Behavior and Attitude (ALBA) School on Oregon Street in the North Park neighborhood. 

The 11th-grade student was being searched on an unrelated issue when the gun was discovered, according to a district official. 

Capt. Dan Palkovic said the .22 revolver had four rounds in the chamber when it was found in the 17-year-old's pants pocket.

The gun was confiscated by school police and the young man was arrested. Palkovic would not comment on who owned the weapon.

Palkovic said the entire incident was very controlled and followed the protocol that staff and school police have learned through training. 

The student arrived at school at 9:15 a.m. San Diego Unified Police were called to the campus at 9:28 a.m. 

The student's parents were informed of the incident. The student was arrested and was set to be booked into Juvenile Hall later in the day, Palkovic said.

"[The gun] was not brought here for retaliation or anything, as far as I know, that's why we're saying nobody was in danger at the time," Palkovic said. "He's been very cooperative with us the entire time."  

There was no lockdown at the school which serves grades 7 to 12. There were approximately 40 students on campus at the time of the incident.

Palkovic said parents of the students enrolled at the school would be notified by district officials.

The school is designed to help those students who have been expelled from other schools transition back to their previous schools. Officials said students can be searched if staff members have "a reasonable suspicion."

No other information was available.

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