San Diego

San Diego Woman Convicted in Baby's Death

A San Diego woman was convicted Friday in the 2013 death of her infant son. 

Guadalupe O'Campos, 35, was accused of causing the death of her 9-month-old son Kevin Machado at her City Heights home on September 5, 2013. 

Jurors found O'Campos guilty of assault on a child. 

Investigators arrested O'Campos a year after her son's death and accused of her shaking the baby, causing brain injury.

When she spoke with NBC 7 while in custody, she said she was scared and confused about the allegations and maintained the infant fell off the bed head first while she was laying with him and her husband. 

Homicide detectives said there were inconsistencies with the mother's version of events.

Prosecutors decided to retry the case after a previous jury acquitted O'Campos of murder and deadlocked on a charge of assault on a child. 

Now, O'Campos faces sentencing on August 18. 


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