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San Diego Ranks 4th for Tattoo Removals in 2018: Groupon

According to online coupon giant, Groupon, San Diego ranks fourth among cities in the U.S. where consumers who use the coupon company had the most tattoos removed in 2018

Bargain hunters in San Diego were apparently interested in starting fresh in 2018, actively seeking out deals on tattoo removals, according to one online coupon giant.

Groupon said Friday that San Diego ranked fourth this year among the top 10 cities in the United States where the company’s consumers got the most tattoos removed.

The company said the sales trend showed San Diego trailed San Antonio (No. 1), Oklahoma City (No. 2), and Lexington, Kentucky (No. 3), on this list.

The top 10 cities for tattoo removals in 2018 also included: Los Angeles (No. 5); Louisville, Kentucky (No. 6); Tulsa, Oklahoma (No. 7); Austin, Texas (No. 8); Providence, Rhode Island (No. 9); Reno, Nevada (No. 10).

Groupon’s list said some of the most commonly removed tattoos – according to Tattoo.com – include the name of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, butterflies, stars, barbed wire, Chinese characters, misspelled words, Celtic designs, Zodiac signs, fairies, and dolphins.

A spokesperson for Groupon said tattoo removal merchants receiving some of that Groupon business in the San Diego area include LaserAway and Skinny Beach Med Spa.

Keeping with the theme, the savings company also looked at the top 10 cities where Groupon users had the most tattoos inked this past year.

That list, in order, included: Jacksonville, Florida; Honolulu; Madison, Wisconsin; Milwaukee; Louisville, Kentucky; Baltimore; Miami; Raleigh, North Caroline; Seattle; Denver.

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