Former Grossmont Union Employee Routinely Leered at Female Students: Report

An employee of a San Diego-area school district was paid $80,000 in a 2016 settlement after it was determined the man routinely made sexual remarks about female students, according to a report in Voice of San Diego. 

For the second time in a month, the news website reports on a school district entering a legal settlement with a former employee after sexual misconduct was discovered. As part of the settlement, school district employees are restricted from alerting future employers of the misconduct.

The incident in Tuesday’s report involved a warehouse worker employed by the Grossmont Union High School District who was reprimanded in 2016 for “grossly inappropriate behavior toward female students.”

This included sitting on the warehouse dock and commenting on the breasts or backsides of students walking into school.

The employee was accused of saying things like “I’d like to get that one into bed” and “Check out the ass on that one.”

The district told the employee that “warehouse staff observed you growling and adjusting yourself.” 

Grossmont officials planned to terminate the man for violating the district’s sexual harassment policies among other reasons but reached a settlement instead, Voice of San Diego reports. 

Reporter Ashly McGlone spoke with the 60-year-old former warehouse worker. You can read his explanation in her full article here. 

Earlier this month, Voice of San Diego reported that two former Poway Unified School District teachers who resigned amid rumor of sexual misconduct had their teaching credentials stripped. 

In both of those cases, the district was restricted from informing future employers about the incidents involving students.

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