Grocery Stores Work Around The Clock To Restock Barren Shelves

An overwhelming amount of restocking is forcing grocery store workers to put in 12 hours shifts to meet demands

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Ana Lisa Ibarra started her shift at Sprouts at midnight on Tuesday. It was two hours later than her usual start time.

Her days are long. A short day is two hours longer than the average worker's. Sometimes she spends up to 12 hours at work restocking shelves overnight.

This is stuff that happens in movies. The chaos. People just panicking.

Ana Lisa Ibarra

Unlike the rush grocery stores experience around the holidays, there was no time to prepare for something so sudden as the coronavirus pandemic, Sprouts' assistant store manager Matt Lachappa said. Lachappa wants people to know there is not a food shortage. His store in Point Loma is doing everything possible to keep up with the demand and continue to keep shelves stocked.

In an effort to get more support staff, Lachappa said his Sprouts store is hiring people who can help restock shelves. He said just this past weekend he interviewed several people, looking for seasonal work after losing their jobs during the shutdown.

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