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Alternatives to Grocery Store Shopping

If grocery shopping is stressing you out, there are a few alternatives to help

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Grocery stores have been packed with people as supplies and food continue to fly off the shelves, but there are some ways to avoid the added stress altogether.

Some grocery stores like Ralphs and Vons are offering curbside pick-up, as well as delivery to your home. You just have to go on their website, make an account and pick out your groceries.

Delivery will cost about $10 and the wait may last a couple of days, but it does save shoppers a trip to the store. Curbside pickup is free.

Also, big names like Walmart, Costco and Target all offer other options than coming into the store to get those necessities.

Walmart has a store pick-up option and delivery to your home. Costco also has a delivery option, although it's taking about a week to get the groceries once you order because of the current demand.

The same goes for Target. You can order online, but make sure to allow a couple of days for the delivery, since the demand is high and employees are working around the clock.  

Several stores like Ralphs, Trader Joe's and Vons are limiting the number of people they allow into the store at one time to help with social distancing.

That's just a good thing to keep in mind if you're shopping during popular times -- it may take a little bit longer.

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