Grill Not Drill

Spreading a message of “grill not drill,” a small group of protesters rallied in Ocean Beach Tuesday to oppose federal plans to expand offshore drilling along California's coast.

The California State Assembly Committee on Natural Resources recently approved a resolution opposing expansion of oil drilling.

A public meeting is planned Thursday in San Francisco involving the Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

The people taking part in Tuesday’s rally said they want the beach to be used for grilling. They were asking the public to sign a letter to Secretary Salazar, asking him to reinstate a federal moratorium against offshore drilling.

"This isn't going to solve any economic problems. Its not going to bring gas prices down for at least a decade and a half... if it does,” said Adam Gosney with Environment California, the group that organized the BBQ/protest. “And the environmental concerns are just so catastrophic that we should never take that chance."

They also urged people to go the Department of the Interior website and write an official comment against offshore drilling.

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