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Family Grieving Father of 6, Killed in Crash, Asks Community for Help

"It's going to be the first Christmas we are not going to be with him," the eldest daughter said.

The grieving widow of a man killed in a motorcycle accident has asked the community for help as she struggles to give the beloved father of six a proper burial.

"Alone and not being able to help my kids move forward...I get mad with myself," Maria Moreno said in Spanish.

Her husband, Omar Moreno, was riding his motorcycle from Harbor Drive onto Vestra Street Monday when, as he was turning left, a semi-truck hit him. He was pronounced dead shortly after. 

Maria and her husband had been married for 16 years. She describes Omar as a thoughtful husband and great father who was the primary breadwinner of the family, working hard to support them.

“I feel frustrated not having a way to give him a proper burial,” Maria said. "I am frustrated."

Omar was employed at NASSCO for 15 years.

His oldest daughter, Ashli Moreno, said it was a job he loved.

Looking ahead, Maria feels overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. Bills will be due soon, and she doesn’t know how she will pay them.

"Knowing after all of this has passed, I still have to worry about them," Maria said. "What am I going to do? What am I going to do without him?"

Omar’s coworkers and friends at NASSCO have set up a GoFundMe Page, and NASSCO’s president donated one thousand dollars to the fund.

His daughter Ashli said one of her younger siblings does not understand what happened to his dad.

"He still believes my dad is going to come back at any moment and he is going to play with him like always," Ashli said.

With Christmas approaching and multiple birthdays among the children, she said the family is not planning to do anything.

"It's going to be the first Christmas we are not going to be with him," Ashli said.

A spokesperson with the SDPD's Traffic Division said the crash is still under investigation.

Some flowers were left at the scene of the crash in remembrance of Omar. Maria said they didn't have much but he had always found a way to make each family member feel special.

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