Grays Say, Hey, San Diego

Annual migration of Gray Whale kicking into gear

Gray whale migration starts in mid-December -- find the best viewing spots now.

They make a heck of a splash, and if you're lucky enough to see it happen, it's a whale of a tale to tell.  The annual migration of the Pacific gray whale is slowly slipping into gear. The first of the migrating giants has already passed the San Diego coastline, headed south to the warmer waters of Baja. The peak of the annual migration from Alaska is about a month from now, but it's not too early to spend some time at or on the water, seeing if you can spot a spout or two.

Santa Ana events like the one taking place now in San Diego are an ideal time to go whale watching. Skies are a bright blue, and the air is clearer than normal, thanks to the dry offshore flow. The best spot in the county has to be the Whale Overlook at the Cabrillo Monument out on the tip of Point Loma. The park is staffed with whale experts, and the visitor center is loaded with information about the whales. There is even a gray whale movie showing daily during whale-watching season, which continues through mid-March.

Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, dress for the cool weather that is the norm out on the point, and don't forget your binoculars. Click here more information about the Gray Whale and best to see them, check out this link.

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