Gray Whale Sightings off San Diego on the Rise

You have a better chance of spotting gray whales this year, as there were more than 200 of them seen off San Diego, according to one local whale-watching business.

Sightings of gray whales in December, January and February were more frequent this year compared to those same months the past three years, Flagship Cruises reported on Tuesday.

Whale watchers spotted 747 gray whales this season, compared to 531, 443 and 539 over the past three years, respectively.

It wasn’t immediately clear the reason for the uptick, though some local tourism experts say whale-watching here has become a year-round activity.

The probability of seeing whales is near 100 percent, one captain told the Associated Press, and eight different species can be seen throughout the year, almost always in ideal weather and sea conditions.

Joe Terzi, president and CEO of the San Diego Tourism Authority, also told the AP that San Diego should be considered the world's No. 1 destination for whale watching.

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