Brazen Graffiti Suspect Tagged Courtroom: Officials

Investigators say prolific tagger Francisco Canseco, 18, tagged the very courtroom in which he was being prosecuted for vandalism

A teen accused of dozens of cases of graffiti in San Diego County was busted for vandalism after he allegedly tagged the inside of the San Diego Superior Courthouse, leaving behind a moniker that led investigators straight to him.

Officials say the brazen, prolific tagger had even left graffiti in the very courtroom in which he was being prosecuted for vandalism.

Francisco Canseco, 18, was recently arrested after officials with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Court Services Bureau Investigations Unit executed a search warrant at his home, finding evidence tying him to graffiti vandalism.

According to officials, the investigation into Canseco began on April 25 when a deputy noticed fresh graffiti of a moniker tagged at several locations inside the San Diego Superior Courthouse.

The deputy used a Graffiti Tracker System to document the vandalism and check for other related cases and found that the San Diego Police Department had arrested Canseco in the past in connection with more than 60 cases of graffiti involving the same moniker.

As a result of the investigation, officials obtained a search warrant for Canseco’s home. There, they discovered more evidence supporting the courthouse vandalism. Canseco was arrested again on June 12 on five new felony counts.

He’s scheduled to appear in court Tuesday and again on June 25.

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