Governor + Budget Cuts = 175 Days of Learning

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing shortening the school year in California's public schools by five days.  If passed, it would save the state $1.1 billion.

State Superintendent Jack O"Connell calls the proposal a "direct frontal attack on our children's educational opportunities."  The State Department of Education has already proposed alternatives to "eliminating the classroom," O'Connell said.

"We've told the governor that there are other ideas in terms of deferred maintenence, in terms of postponing the purchase of much needed text books and computer equipment, technology professional development for many of our professional educations," O'Connell said.

Working parents are concerned as well, since it means an extra week of childcare for their children.

Others worry it will widen the achievement gap between students in public school and those in private school who can afford to pay for the full 180 days, while public school students would only be in the classroom 175 days.

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