Brown Administration Announces New Action to Cut Carbon Emissions

The Brown Administration announced a new effort to reduce carbon emissions in California with the purchase of approximately 1,500 new zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) for the state fleet.

The initiative, announced on Tuesday came as part of the 2016 ZEV Action Plan. The 10-year action plan aims to put 1.5 million ZEVs in the state by the year 2025.

Tuesday's intiative would increase the addition of ZEV vehicles in the state fleet up to 50 percent by 2015 and add about 4,500 new charging stations in parking spaces at state facilities.

“By working together across state government and with the private sector, we can ensure that electric vehicle drivers have access to charging stations at home, at their workplaces, and on the road – creating a new way of thinking about transportation that will drive California forward,” said Evan Speer, Chief of the Department of General Services Office of Fleet and Asset Management.

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