Goodwill's ‘Little Black Dress' Sale Returns

The second-hand store’s “LBD” sale will boast name-brand dresses for 75 to 90 percent off their original price

Fashionistas, rejoice: Goodwill’s popular “Little Black Dress” (LBD) sale returns Friday, offering the beloved wardrobe staple at very, very low prices.

Goodwill’s Clairemont location, at 4220 Balboa Ave., will open its doors at 9 a.m. for its “Little Black Dress” sale. It will serve as the main hub of this year's LBD sale, though all Goodwill stores across the county will participate.

The event – happening for the past five years at the second-hand stores – features racks upon racks of black dresses, including designer brand pieces. Goodwill works exclusively with NBC 7 and Consumer Bob to organize and promote the annual affair.

Most dresses are marked down between 75 and 90 percent off their original price tag, ranging between $10 and $50. Select shoes, purses and accessories are also included in the sale.

Darlene Cossio, director of communications for Goodwill Industries of San Diego County, said the bargains are “significant” and draw huge crowds to the store.

“It’s been a great reaction; a line waiting out in front of the store before we open – a lot of excitement, and people leaving with that Little Black Dress,” said Cossio.

Looking for the perfect dress for that holiday party at a great price? Goodwill is hosting its popular Little Black Dress sale, and NBC 7’s Consumer Bob has details.

Cossio said Goodwill prepares the entire year for this big sale, collecting hundreds of LBDs donated by people across San Diego County specifically for this occasion.

When patrons walk into Goodwill stores on Friday, Cossio said they will find LBDs all in one section, waiting to be bought. Customers are not limited on the number of LBDs they can take home, she said.

The sale comes at a perfect time: the holiday season, which is often filled with cocktail parties for which an LBD would certainly come in handy and, of course, New Year's Eve. And, as a classic that never goes out of style, the LBD can also be worn year-round.

“The Little Black Dress is a staple – everyone needs one. This is a treat,” Cossio added.

Cossio said the sale will boast a variety of LBDs in all sizes and styles, “Short, long, sequined, plain, silk, taffeta – from [size] 0 to 24.”

A staple in every woman’s closet, the Little Black Dress is a must, but they can get expensive. That’s why NBC 7 partners with Goodwill annually to get great deals on designer dresses. NBC 7’s Consumer Bob looked through this year’s collection and has this report.

Tanya McAnear, fashion instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design, said Goodwill’s LBD sale is an excellent opportunity for women to snag a stylish piece that will work for anyone, anytime.

“If you’re a curvy girl, if you’re a very thin and straight girl, there’s a dress for you out there,” said McAnear. “[The LBD] is a go-to piece.”

McAnear said the Little Black Dress can get expensive, so going to Goodwill for this deal is a smart strategy.

“You’re going to save a lot of money by shopping at the Goodwill,” she added. “People will never know where you bought it – unless you want to share that with them.”

A Betsey Johnson brand LBD, for instance, with its original $138 price tag was marked at $14.99 when NBC 7 visited Goodwill Thursday to check out the inventory ahead of the big sale.

That dress certainly caught McAnear’s eye.

“This dress is phenomenal. It’s velvet; it’s a heavyweight dress; it’s a beautifully-made dress,” she said, admiring the piece.

Another LBD soon grabbed McAnear’s attention.

“You know, this dress was probably $160 at Banana Republic, and now it’s $6.99,” she added.

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