Gloriously Unhealthy Fair Foods

Our homage to the fabulously fried food we'll enjoy at this year's fair.

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WASHINGTON - JULY 23: Sara Lee brand Best Kosher Hot Dogs and State Fair Corn Dogs are free for the eating during the American Meat Institute's Annual Hot Dog Day Lunch in the courtyard of the Rayburn House Office Building July 23, 2008 in Washington, DC. The event drew hundreds of people from Captiol Hill including members of Congress, their staffs, journalists and lobbyists. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
The 2013 San Diego County Fair is almost here! This year, the fair runs Jun. 8 to Jul. 4. Here's what your stomach has to look forward to.
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Clown Sundae – an ice cream sundae with the works, in the shape of a happy clown’s face. What’s not to love?
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This isn’t your mom’s grilled cheese sandwich. This gooey creation includes gourmet ingredients like brie, Swiss cheese, apricot jam and sliced apples. It’s like a fancy fruit and cheese board between two slices of bread.
No summer fair menu is complete without a fried something or other. Those with a sweet tooth can munch on deep-fried cookie dough.
Bacon, bacon and more bacon. This year, the San Diego County Fair will cook up bacon in various forms including the wild boar bacon kebab, bacon truffle fries and jumbo size bacon corn dogs. If that’s not enough, wash down those treats with a nice, frosty pint of bacon beer. Oh, and for dessert: bacon cotton candy.
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Seriously, we said BACON BEER.
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Need a little protein to fuel your jam-packed day at the San Diego County Fair? If so, you might want to feast on this giant chicken and veggie grilled kebab.
Jalapeno-flavored bacon. Enough said.
It simply wouldn’t be fair season without the merging of two American classics. Here’s a fine example of that: a Krispy Creme Sloppy Joe, featuring donuts as the buns stuffed with classic sloppy joe filling.
Need a little crunch? Try the Chipotle BBQ Beef Chips (aka, Dirty Chips) or Ghost Chile Pepper Sauce Chips at the fair. Also on the menu: Spicy Slaw Burger and the 100% Angus Blue Cheese & Bacon Jam Burger.
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Looking for a healthier option? Try this lean, green Mexican kale salad.
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Imagine this pickle. Now, imagine this pickle deep fried, with bacon. This year, the Chicken Charlie food booth will offer items such as a deep fried bacon pickle and waffle dog, in addition to deep fried cookie dough and the Krispy Crème Sloppy Joe.
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A meaty menu option: wild boar and bacon kebabs for the adventurous carnivore.
Mac-and-cheese just got a flavorful fair makeover with this pulled pork mac-and-cheese melt. No fork required.
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Turkey leg wrapped in a pound of bacon ($20), at the "Bacon A-Fair" booth.
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The fair’s famous Funnel Cake Express booth will offer strawberry cheesecake funnel cake and Nutella funnel cake, among other fabulous, fried flavors.
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Looking for some surf on the fair turf? Head to the Lobster Shack for lobster sliders and lobster nachos. Meanwhile, C&C Concessions will put a fried spin on burgers this year with their Deep Fried Bayou Burger and Deep Fried Wrangler Burger.
San Diego County Fair
And now, some food photos from San Diego County Fairs past, including the 2012 SD County Fair.
Imagine homemade chili and cheese deep-fried in a hush-puppy batter. That's the Deep-Fried Chili Asteroid offered at this year's San Diego County Fair.
San Diego County Fair
Deep-fried cereal and deep-fried peanut butter and jelly are two of the new food items you'll see at this year's fair.
You may have tried a turkey leg once or twice but have you tried the Caveman Turkey Club? Bacon-A-Fair will offer a pound of bacon wrapped around an extra large turkey leg for those "caveman" enough to try it.
And here it is - 2.5 pounds of turkey leg wrapped in one pound of bacon.
San Diego County Fair
The Gingerbread House on the Avenue will be selling Cookie Dough on a Stick.
SD County Fair
This, is the Curly Potato Dog.
San Diego County Fair
Sure there's the popcorn and the cotton candy, but this year there will also be delicacies like Steamed Lobster Tails in the Infield and Sweet Potato Tater Tots at Reno's Fish 'n' Chips outside O'Brien Hall.
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If you love funnel cake like this family, the Funnel Cake Express will be offering the Red Velvet variety this year.
Chicken Fried Steak --- like this but yet different. The Del Mar Diner in Plaza de Mexico will be offering the dish on a stick. How you ask? We are more than excited to find out!
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No, we're not "getting all healthy" on you - just showing you that Deep-Fried Green Beans will join the fair this year.
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For those who will try anything on a hot dog, this year Bacon-a-Fair will offer a half-pound hot dog wrapped in a quarter-pound of bacon. Look for the "Meat-on-Meat" dog.
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There will be a special Food Truck Festival Monday, July 2 from noon to 4 p.m. (or until the food runs out). You can find the trucks in the infield.
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On the healthier side, Chicken Charlie is bringing The Pineapple Express to the fairway. The booth will have Pineapple House Shrimp over Rice and a fruit bowl served in a hollowed-out pineapple.
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The all-time favorite fair food - the corn dog is nothing compared to what they're frying these days. Look for Deep-Fried Pork Chops - new in 2012!
Michelle Wayland
Dagwood would be proud of this hamburger. The fair runs from Friday, June 8, through Wednesday, July 4. (Mondays are closed except for July 2).
Michelle Wayland
If you want to try food without the entire portion, head to the fair on Tuesday Taste of the Fair. Each Tuesday, you can buy a taster's portion of a featured Fair food item for $2.00 at each food booth.
SD County Fair
A funnel cake built for one?
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Fried S'mores are just one of the items on the menu at the San Diego County Fair. Ten thousand of them were sold during the 2009 county fair.
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Gates open daily at 11 a.m., Tuesdays through Fridays, and Monday, July 2; 10 a.m., Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesday, July 4.
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Deep fried butter is also a fantastically fattening fried food. Here, it's pictured at the State Fair of Texas.
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Sure there will be apple pie, strawberry pie, lemon pie - you name it. But this year there will also be deep-fried pie crust. We're game!
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Admission is $13 for adults; $7 for ages 6-12 and 62 and older; free for ages 5 and younger.
A fried Krispy Kreme Sandwich is one you'll be talking about after visiting the San Diego County Fair.
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The 2011 Fair broke an all-time attendance record for the third year in a row with a grand total of 1,412,113 guests.
SD County Fair
Joining the dessert fare like The Fried Klondike Bar this year will be Deep-Fried Tang. Let us know what you think!
SD County Fair
The fried Pop Tart
Kenneth Adelman/California Coastal Records Project via AP
The Belly Buster comes with 10 cheese slices, 8 tomato slices, half a head of lettuce, 30 pickle slices and all the condiments you could ask for including jalapenos and chili cheese sauce.
Chocolate covered bacon - yes that's not a typo - was sold in 2009 to the tune of 20,000 pieces. YUM! Get in there and try some of that greasy, sweet goodness.
Photo by Greg Berg
Don't forget the sweet stuff! Candy Apples, pictured here with a little artistic flair from a fair in Texas, can be spotted on more than one kid's face at our fair as well.
SD County Fair
The Zucchini Weenie
Fried frog legs
SD County Fair
The Colossal Curly Fries (next to the Belly Buster Burger)
San Diego County Fair
See this year's San Diego County Fair lineup.
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