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Soggy Start, Gloomy Skies for San Diego

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A disorganized storm has from Baja California, brought gloomy skies and spotty overnight showers to San Diego.

NBC 7 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen said the short storm had, for the most part, swept across the region before most of the county woke up on Tuesday. But the ground was saturated from the overnight showers.

Parveen said there was a chance scattered showers could reach San Diego on MLK Day but it wasn't until late that evening that any rain arrived and, even then, downpours were spotty and light.

The incoming storm appears to be rolling in through the southwest of San Diego, Parveen added. “So that really looks like it’s going to pass to our south.”

The heaviest showers moved through the county before daybreak, but Parveen said there is a chance for more rain until the afternoon, Parveen said. Once the storm passes, the county will continue to have cloudy skies throughout the day.

“We are really locked in with the cloud cover,” Parveen said.

There is a chance that rain will return in the evening as well.

By the middle of the week, Parveen said the clouds will start to part, revealing that iconic San Diego sun to warm up the county into the low 70s by Friday.

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