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Girl Scout Cookies Latest Victim of Supply Chain Issues

Girl Scouts San Diego is forced to extend their cookie season this year

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Your Thin Mints may not be ready. The Samoas and Do-Si-Dos may not be either. The Girl Scout Cookie season is the latest victim of the supply chain issue crippling the world economy.

“Having the supply chain issues that we have is kind of putting a damper on the season,” sighed Girl Scouts San Diego CEO Carol Dedrich. “This year, unlike any other, our supply is low because our baker is having production challenges.”

“There are definitely challenges with the cookies right now, but we’re doing our best,” said Monica Campos as she stood next to her 8-year-old daughter, Lucy Campos.

“Some of them haven’t reached our goal and it’s kind of sad,” said the Brownie. “When I didn’t reach my goal, one of my friends [who] already reached her goal…gave me cookies to reach my goal."

“It’s definitely a teachable moment for our girls and for us parents and cookie moms and troop leaders and volunteers,” said Monica.

“That’s what Girl Scouts is truly all about, is teaching girls how to overcome, how to build their resilience, how to build their self-confidence, and figure out a way forward,” added Dedrich.

Dedrich said the baker supplies San Diego and roughly 70 other Girl Scout councils across the United States with cookies. As a result, Girl Scouts San Diego decided to extend its sales period to March 27th to give girls like Lucy a chance to reach their goals. Brownies and Girl Scouts are rewarded with escalating levels of prizes for their fundraising sales.

“I knew that there was going to be more,” smiled Lucy.

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