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Girl, 9, Inspires to Become Reporter After Watching Telemundo 20

"I feel like giving information is fun and being on TV, too."

Yvanna Garcia who inspires to become a reporter
Telemundo 20

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted children as most of their daily activities have moved inside. For one little girl, she started watching the news and was inspired by watching Telemundo 20's reporter, Tania Luvano. Now, she is hoping to become a reporter herself.

"I started making videos imitating you. It is fun," Yvanna Garcia, 9, told Luvano. She now loves making her own television reports.

"I feel like giving out information is fun and being on TV, too," Garcia said.

Garcia watches Luvano's reports on Telemundo 20, records them, learns the words, and records herself.

"She said she no longer wants to become a scientist but a reporter," said Yvanna's mom, Mariana Gallardo.

Garcia does an excellent job for her young age and says she doesn't have a hard time learning the scripts. It's the creativity that a children's psychologist applauds.

Telemundo 20 reporter, Tania Luvo with Yvanna Garcia.

"If we as parents do not motivate these activities or provide the spaces so that our children can try different activities, we can end up hurting them," said Amparo Abril, a child psychologist.

That's why it's vital to let children's imagination soar and have the support of their parents.

"There are children who are super precocious, and they seek their own path," Abril said.

Garcia's dream is to join the Telemundo 20 team one day and with her perseverance, there is no doubt that she'll succeed.

To watch Telemundo 20's interview with the young reporter, visit their website. Note the story is in Spanish.

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