3-Year-Old Girl Tests Negative for Coronavirus Again, Returns to MCAS Miramar Quarantine

After being readmitted for possible infection, a 3-year-old girl has tested negative for coronavirus

Three-year-old Annabel Wucinski
Wucinski Family/GoFundMe

A 3-year-old girl who was readmitted to the hospital tested negative for the coronavirus, county health officials confirmed.

Annabel Wucinski was in isolation at Rady Children's Hospital awaiting the results of additional testing for coronavirus, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

Wucinski was one of the patients initially admitted to the hospital after returning from Wuhan, China.

According to her father, Frank Wucinski, Annabel had a cough so the hospital performed some X-rays and various virus testing, including a test for coronavirus.

On Friday, health officials said her test came back negative. Her father told NBC 7 they have since returned to MCAS Miramar to continue quarantine.

The Wucinskis were first taken to the hospital last Wednesday, the day a plane carrying 167 passengers from Wuhan, China touched down at MCAS Miramar.

The CDC said that the father, daughter and two other patients first showed signs of fever and cough that warranted their transfer to isolation rooms at local hospitals.

After three days in isolation, the father and daughter tested negative for coronavirus and were released, CDC Dr. Christopher Braden said. The pair were taken back to MCAS Miramar where they expected to finish their 14-day quarantine before returning home.

But a week later, Annabel Wucinski was taken back to the hospital after exhibiting additional symptoms. Braden previously said they had confidence in the first negative test results.

The Wucinskis have spent weeks dealing with the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak -- from their time in China to their quarantine in San Diego -- and have documented their journey on a GoFundMe page.

Video from the page shows Annabel Wucinski coloring while in isolation at Rady Children's, swinging at a park at MCAS Miramar, with her mother and father-in-law in Wuhan.

Frank Wucinski's father-in-law, whom they were visiting in China, passed away from the virus. His wife is stuck in Wuhan, confined to an apartment.

"She’s only allowed out to see a doctor, go to a hospital for IV drips, basically she has pneumonia," Frank Wucinski said.

Even if he and his daughter are cleared from the hospital with negative coronavirus test results, Frank Wucinski says their journey isn't over until his wife returns home.

"My main concern is getting my wife out of China, getting her here," he said.

The father of a 3-year-old girl isolated at a San Diego hospital for coronavirus testing is speaking out while he waits for his daughter's test results.

CDC officials also shared Tuesday details about a mix-up that led to the release of the patient with San Diego County's first confirmed case of coronavirus.

The woman was in isolation at UC San Diego Health, as was a second patient who was awaiting test results.

The remaining passengers were confined to a quarantine facility, protected by U.S. Marshals, though some expressed frustration with the handling of their care.

A petition signed by some patients was addressed to the CDC on Wednesday, which outlined suggestions to the quarantine process like more testing, better separation between patients and disinfection of common areas.

Frank Wucinski said he is grateful to the doctors at Rady Children's and the team at MCAS Miramar who have supported them -- even providing a makeshift funeral for his father-in-law due to restrictions in China that prevented him from having a burial.

The World Health Organization named the disease caused by the virus as COVID-19. The illness was first reported in December and connected to a food market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak has largely been concentrated.

A flight from China landed in MCAS Miramar Wednesday morning. NBC 7's Nicole Gomez has more details.

Deaths in mainland China totaled 1,523 on Friday while the number of confirmed cases stood at 66,492.

Health officials Friday also announced a precautionary public health emergency to ensure adequate resources would be available should they be needed.

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