Gimme a Free Grand Slam, Please

Millions of people around the country are walking into Denny's restaurants with the request  "I'll take a Grand Slam for free, please!"   The restaurant chain is giving away free Grand Slam breakfasts until 2 p.m. today, because of a nationwide promotion.

At a Denny's in Pacific Beach, dozens of people waited for a table around 6 am. The line was out the door. Most customers had heard about the deal from the Denny's ad that aired Super Bowl Sunday.

The restaurant hired security just to serve as crowd control, according to manager, Chase Edwards. He also upped his staff bringing in three extra cooks, which is three times the normal breakfast staffing.

One customer said he planned to get up early to miss the rush. "We don't have any money, so that's why we came," said Todd Moitz of Pacific Beach.

The dine-in only menu includes pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs. Denny's is also giving away a coupon booklet for additional free menu items with purchases. Drinks and tip are not included.

Experts say the recession is so bad that restaurants will do just about anything for business. Denny's is hoping its giveaway will generate return business.

"In PB, it's about finding the next special from one day to another," said Loretta Ogden. "Denny's has the special today."

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