Getting a Good Taste of San Diego

Veal Chop dinner and wine
Cortesía de Daniel Watlington

Restaurants around the city are gearing-up for Sunday as San Diego Restaurant Week kicks off.

More than 180 eateries are registered for the six-day tasting event, where locals will get the chance to try special meals at discounted prices from some of the best places around San Diego.

Adding to this year’s usual offerings of discounted prix fixe menu items is a two-course lunch special to go alongside the three-course dinner option. Prices for the lunch option range from 10, 15 to 20 dollars and savings such as those should equal up to good traffic for participating restaurants like Avenue 5 in downtown.

“A lot of locals come back, it’s not like a one and done,” said Yo Kitazawa, manager of Avenue 5. “I wouldn’t say every year is like that, though this year we’re looking forward to many people.”

The list of restaurants stretches all over the city, featuring everything from sushi in La Jolla to Italian delights in the South Bay. Check the event’s website for a complete list.

Though SD Restaurant Week happens twice a year, once in January and the other in September, participants say that this is the time in which they see the most visitors.

“There’s those few weeks right after summer where people come about and try something new,” said Cameron Jacob, general manager of The Steakhouse at Azul La Jolla. Jacob added that many of her customers also return for special occasions after trying the restaurant out during the event.

However, even with the deals offered up this year, restaurants have been facing a bigger foe, as websites geared toward discounting meals have popped up all over the web in recent months.

“I think in this day and age with all of the Groupons and those type of sites, there’s a lot to think about, “ said Jacob. ”So we’re waiting to see who shows up this year.”

San Diego Restaurant Week runs from Sept.18 to 23. For more information and a complete list of participating restaurants head over to the event’s website.

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