Get to Know the Pets of NBC 7 and Telemundo 20

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Jennifer Neville
Put your paws together for this handsome pup named Freeway! He got his unique name because he was found on the freeway in Mexico before he eventually ended up at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.
Adopted by Story Producer Jennifer Neville, Freeway is described as a cool, chill and fiercely loyal pup who loves to adventure off leash. He brought so much love and joy to the Neville household.
Dana Griffin
This stylish, New England native is Nyla Griffin, fur baby to NBC 7 reporter/anchor Dana Griffin. A chihuahua-mix pup (minus the Napoleon Complex, Dana adds) loves to travel with her human and has lived in Rhode Island, South Carolina and California and out of all those climates, she enjoys San Diego’s weather the best and can sometimes be spotted in her favorite place in town – the Embarcadero!
Dana Griffin
Nyla has an array of hobbies that include traveling with Dana, enjoying a nice cuddle and snacking on some peanut butter. She loves Nylabone chew toys, matching outfits with Dana and people.
Romyna Camacho
These cuddly cats are part of a quartet that make up part of Telemundo 20 Producer Romyna Camacho’s household. We’re pleased to introduce you to Black Diamond, Black Panther and Leoncio (pictured above). The adorable felines are all close in age at about 3 or 4 years old and are quite the crew in the Camacho home.
Romyna Camacho
Cappuccino (pictured above) completes the group, who all enjoy spending their days lounging around and chasing each other in the middle of the night. When they’re not running around or snoozing in, the Camacho cats enjoy using their laser toys and are passionate foodies who will meow at Romyna if they see even a small, available space on their bowls.
Ramon Galindo
Everyone, meet Dexter! This beautiful pit bull rescue belongs to reporter Ramon Galindo. This pooch enjoys taking late night walks around the neighborhood to relax, reflect and smell the flowers. He regularly takes long naps during the day but once he’s all rested, Dexter likes to run circles around the kitchen.
Priya Sridhar
July 17, 2020 was a joyous day for both reporter Priya Sridhar and Chulis the chihuahua since that’s when the two became family. The 6-year-old pup hailed from a shelter in Ensenada and was adopted into the Sridhar household thanks to The Animal Pad’s help.
Priya Srdihar
A relatively quiet pooch, Chulis enjoys basking in the San Diego sun, going on long hikes with her human and simply can’t resist sleeping on fresh laundry hot out the dryer.
Ricardo Sandoval
Snuggly, spirited and sweet Benji is a new addition to Production Manager Ricardo Sandoval’s household and has already stolen everyone’s hearts. He was adopted in April from South Bay Cat Adoptions, a no-kill shelter based in Chula Vista PetSmart’s Adoption Center.
Ricardo Sandoval
Benji the kitten has a ton of energy that can’t be contained, and that sometimes results in him zooming around at off hours of the night! He’s also an adventurer who’s an avid climber of his cat tree and enjoys singing. When he’s ready for some down time, he loves to cuddle up with his human.
Scott Baird
Photographer Scott Baird welcomed Lillie the Havenese into his household in 2010 after adopting her from the Chula Vista Animal Shelter and he said his family has felt “so lucky to have found her.” Forever young at heart, the 13-year-old pooch’s hobbies include rolling around on a plush bed and taking in the sights on a car ride.
Scott Baird
Gracie, Lillie’s sister in the Baird family, was also adopted from a Chula Vista rescue group and has added pure love to the household. The 17-year-old feline thinks she’s subtle when asking for attention, but it’s pretty obvious she’s yearning for some pets and scratches when she plops on Scott’s computer! Gracie enjoys taking sun patch naps, taking some swigs of milk and patrolling around the house.
Sage Pierce
Human Resources Manager Sage Pierce has a pack of three dogs that bring happiness to her household every day. First up is Ninja, the 13-year-old pug! This mellow fellow sometimes is so into his sleep that he snores loud enough to be heard during meetings.
Sage Pierce
Bryan the Chug (a fun mashup of Chihuahua-Pug) is new to the Pierce family and joined about a month ago, but he is already so well-loved. Described as a lover, cuddler and full of energy that is sometimes mischievous (ask Sage’s six pair of shoes that have been chewed!) this pooch was found in a house with 24 other dogs and immediately needed a foster. After fostering Bryan for a day, the Pierce’s fell in love and adopted him.
Sage Pierce
Luna the chihuahua is also a lovely rescue who was adopted from the San Diego Humane Society three years ago. She’s a bit of a local celebrity since she played the role of Bruiser Woods in the local musical “Legally Blonde.” This photograph of Luna is her in her element!
Steven Luke
If you think this cutie looks familiar, you may have seen her on your TV! 10-year-old Ginger the mini golden doodle is Anchor Steven Luke’s fur baby who enjoyed making guest appearances by snoozing behind Steven during his time anchoring from home.
Steven Luke
Ginger is a loyal and sweet soul who’s a wonderful friend to the Luke children. She’s also the backyard protector who was warded off her fair share of lizards, crows and bunnies.
Joe Little
This adorable pooch sandwiched between reporters Audra Stafford and Joe Little has a name that suits her just right — Happy! The photogenic and adorable pup is up for anything and usually has a wide smile and wagging tail. Her hobbies vary from play wrestling with Joe and taking naps with Audra.
Audra Stafford
Happy was adopted by the dynamic duo from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society during 2019's Clear the Shelters event.
Melissa Sandoval
Reporter/anchor Melissa Sandoval and her rottweiler Apollo have been attached at the hip since this gentle giant was just 5 weeks old!
Melissa Sandoval
Apollo is an emotional support dog who loves to play, nap and give kisses. He also looks like a great adventure buddy!
Monica Dean
Dash the Boston Terrier may look quaint in anchor Monica Dean’s arms, but don’t let his serene disposition fool you — he is an energetic expert at fetch who will tire any human who’ll throw a ball his way! Five-year-old Dash loves to swim and he’s a tough, little fellow. Monica says Dash has epilepsy and is given medication twice a day to calm his seizures. This remarkable pooch has also survived a rattlesnake bite and broken leg!
Catherine Garcia
Anchor Catherine Garcia says her 1-year-old chocolate Labrador, Ponch, is a super lazy and loving pup.
Catherine Garcia
In addition to Ponch, Garcia has Lulu the rescue cat. Don’t let this innocent photo of Ms. Lulu fool you — she’s a feisty feline who can be cranky and is forever loyal. Fun fact: she likes to eat lettuce.
Catherine Garcia
The Garcia household is a diverse bunch, with a second cat in the family named Olive. She, like her sister Lulu, is a rescue kitty who is the most cuddliest cat Catherine has ever met!
Mark Mullen
Anchor Mark Mullen says his pooch Finn is the best dog his family has ever had! Photogenic Finn was adopted from the Helen Woodward Animal Center.
Melissa Adan
If there’s a camera nearby, Button Vargas is ready to pose! Reporter Melissa Adan says her pooch is a caring and sweet individual is always there for her and her family when they need her.
Melissa Adan
Button the dog loves going on walks and keeping Melissa and her family company. This photogenic queen’s skills in front of a camera come in handy since she has her own Instagram page! Find her via @imbutton.
Derek Togerson
Just look at that smile from Rosie! Sports anchor/reporter Derek Togerson said he and his wife were searching for a new pet at last year’s Clear the Shelters event, but the lines were out the door (which is great news for the animals). The pair returned the next day in search of a new dog and there, they met Rosie, a 1-year-old Australian cattle dog. Togerson said she’s been an amazing addition to their family.
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