Fallbrook Man, Mother-in-Law Fought Over “Tough Love” Style: Sons

The victim's children say their father and their grandmother fought over their father's "tough love" parenting style

A San Diego-area woman arrested for killing her son-in-law on her birthday often disagreed with the man's "tough love" parenting style, according to her grandsons.

Geoward Flores Eustaquio, 53, was shot multiple times inside the Fallbrook home he shared with his mother-in-law Cynthia Katherine Cdebaca.

Hours later, San Diego County sheriff's homicide investigators arrested Cdebaca for killing her daughter's husband on her 63rd birthday.

Deputies responded to the home on Braemer Terrace in the gated community of Peppertree Park around 8 a.m. Tuesday. Residents had reported hearing multiple gunshots.

Deputies say they found the father of four dead inside the home.

While sheriff's homicide investigators were tight-lipped about a possible motive in the case, Geoward's two adult sons, Jordan and Keanu, believe it was their father's personality and opinions on raising children that may have led to the violence.

“To me, in a way it’s not surprising but it is,” Jordan said.

Eustaquio was a military reservist, a real estate agent and a rugby coach for local kids. His sons talked with NBC 7 Wednesday, describing the relationship between their father and their grandmother as tense.

They used phrases like a man "set in his ways" and "military man" who "may have been stern" to describe their father. Not everyone saw eye to eye with that, they said.

Jordan described his father as someone who did a lot for the family and the community but who could be a difficult person to get along with.

“Alpha personalities conflict with a lot of other personality types,” his son said, adding that Geoward was ultimately fair.

Keanu said their father would "get on them" when he thought his children were not doing what they should.

"My dad was hard on us because he wanted us to do good," Keanu said. "When we were slacking, he would get on us. That's what any dad would do."

He said at times Cdebaca would take that personally.

As for their grandmother who is now accused of killing their father, the men say all four of Geoward's children - including their 15-year-old brother and 13-year-old sister - feel betrayed.

“I’m not really sure how she’s feeling,” Jordan said referring to his Cdebaca. “She put on a good facade for years now. This is a shock to us.”

“We’ve been there for her since the get go. I’ve grown up with her and we’re all family. Doing something like this, especially, not really too sure of the details yet but it seems like she’s been plotting this for awhile,” he said.

Officials said Cdebaca, who lived in a granny flat above the home's garage, was found at a Fallbrook business on Main Street and arrested on her 63rd birthday.

Deputies said they have recovered the handgun used in the crime. Keanu said he wasn't aware of anyone in the home owning a handgun.

Keanu Eustaquio last saw his father on the morning of his death. He said his dad was helping his 13-year-old sister practice her spelling words.

“This should’ve never happened. My dad was a good dad,” he said. “Taken from us too soon.”

Players who were coached by Eustaquio on the Potter Middle School and club rugby teams were upset to learn of their coach's death Tuesday night.

Parents told NBC 7 he was an inspiration to their children.

“He was very open about helping the kids. He was a great person. My son really enjoyed being with him,” said player’s mom Sharon Holt adding that Eustaquio was very motivating to his players.

NBC 7 checked court records for both suspect and victim and found only one civil case in the North County in 2008 in which Cdebaca was a defendent in a collections case over an alleged debt.

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