George Floyd Mural Brings Emotions to Surface

The mural is painted on plywood covering windows in the La Mesa Springs shopping center which experienced destruction and looting last Saturday

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Nearly a week after looting, fires, and destruction in a La Mesa shopping center, people returned to the Vons grocery store which opened it's doors Friday morning for the first time since the damage.

Some of the shoppers admit to being caught off guard by the image of George Floyd, painted on plywood by a young artist.

The mural is serving a dual purpose after a week full of anger and uncertainty.

It's helping to cover up the damage from a night of terror, while at the same time, helping to uncover the damage from centuries of racial injustice.

There is a growing collection of flowers, notes, and candles at the base of it.

NBC 7's Steven Luke talked with people about what the mural and George Floyd means to them and found an intense array of emotion.

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