Geezer Bandit Goofs, Leaves Clues

The elusive Geezer Bandit leaves behind a trail of evidence in his latest bank robbery

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The notorious bank robber "Geezer Bandit" has struck again, according to the FBI.

But this time, he may have left behind a crucial clue that could give investigators the break they need to capture him.

Friday evening around 5:40, the Geezer Bandit robbed a teller at a Bank Of America branch in San Luis Obispo.

"He pointed a revolver pistol at a teller and threatened the teller with the use of that weapon and he did receive some money and he left the area," said Special Agent Darrell Foxworth.

San Luis Obispo police investigators said the elusive bank bandit didn't get far with the money because a dye-pack exploded as soon as he left the bank.

The Geezer dropped the money in the parking lot.

"The suspect would possibly have red on his hands and clothing,"said Lt. Bill Proll. "We did have a witness report that a white 5 series BMW took off at a high rate of speed."

But video from the scene of the dye-pack explosion also showed a leather bound address book or dayplanner lying on the ground. It appears to be very similar to the one the Geezer carries during his robberies.

In the surveillance photos from the bank robbery, you can see him carrying a case that resembles the one found in the parking lot.

FBI agents won't comment on any possible evidence found at the scene.

"Hopefully we'll have additional information from the robbery and that will move the investigation forward," Foxworth told NBCSanDiego.

The Geezer Bandit has been linked to 16 robberies in California, most of them happened in San Diego County. There is a $20,000 reward for his capture and conviction.

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